2 Pieces Pack with travel case

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  • Invisible and hands-free milk collector
  • Comfortable all-day wear 
  • Internal milk pouring hole

Relieves sore nipples from friction while collecting milk instead of wasting it on nursing pads.

The new way to breastfeed

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  1. Ultimate Leak Collector: Nudies Control™ are crafted with innovative technology to provide you with the ultimate efficiency.
  2. Breathable and Comfortable: Our leak protectors are made with soft, breathable materials to ensure maximum comfort. They are gentle on the skin and won't cause irritation, allowing you to wear them with confidence all day long.
  3. Discreet and Thin Design: Nudies Control™ are thin and discreet, allowing you to wear them unnoticed under your clothing. They are virtually invisible, so you can move freely without any worries.
  4. Leak-proof: A sealed space is formed during wearing , so there is no need to worry about inadvertently bending over to spill precious breast milk.
  5. Relieves sore nipples from friction allowing them time to heal
  6. Allows your milk to flow out instead of engorging your breast.
  7. Nudies Control cups have removable plugs to prevent spills on clothing 

  1. Hold the breast milk collector firmly against your breasts with the pour hole facing up
  2. Put on the bodice and fix the breast milk collector to prevent milk leakage
  3. After the breast milk collector is filled with milk, it can be poured directly into the bottle
  4. Clean it after use and store it in a cool and dry place for next use.

  • 2 Nudies Control
  • 1 Travel case

Age Range 

0-12 MONTHS, 1-2 Years, 2-4 Years, >4 years old

Item Weight



Food Grade Liquid Silicone, PP

Product Dimensions



2 pieces in 1 transaparent case



How does Nudies Control work?

Nudies Control has a unique design that fits comfortably inside your bra. It captures any leaking breast milk during the day, allowing you to save every precious drop. Plus, it provides a protective barrier to prevent friction and irritation on your nipples.

What are the key features of Nudies Control?

  • Daily Wear: These breast shells are designed for daily use, providing discreet and comfortable protection.    
  • Milk Collection: They collect any leaking breast milk, helping to reduce wastage.    
  • Nipple Protection: The soft, silicone material shields your nipples from chafing and irritation.    
  • Easy to Clean: Nudies Control are easy to disassemble and clean for hygienic daily use. 

Is Nudies Control compatible with all bra sizes?

Yes, Nudies Control is designed to fit most bra sizes. It has a discreet, low-profile design, ensuring it won't be noticeable under your clothing.

How do I clean and maintain Nudies Control?

To maintain hygiene, disassemble the components and wash them with warm, soapy water. Make sure to rinse and dry them thoroughly before reassembling.

Can I use Nudies Control while breastfeeding or pumping?

Yes, you can use Nudies Control while breastfeeding or pumping. They won't interfere with the natural breastfeeding process or the use of breast pumps.

Does Nudies Control have a warranty?

   Yes, Nudies Control comes with a 2-year warranty in Europe, ensuring you have peace of mind when using our product.

Can I use Nudies Control with other Nudies products, like the Nudies Pump?

Yes, Nudies Control is designed to complement other Nudies products. You can wear them simultaneously with the Nudies Pump for a seamless and efficient breastfeeding experience.

Does Nudies Control come in different sizes or colors?

Nudies Control is available in one size and transparent color, designed to be discreet and blend with most skin tones.

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