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Top tips for using the Reusable Milk Storage Bags:

Hey moms! Using reusable milk storage bags is a great way to keep your breast milk safe and organized for your baby. To make the most out of them, it’s important to follow some simple tips. Whether you’re a new mom or just need a refresher, these steps will help ensure your milk stays fresh and your storage bags last longer. Let’s dive into the best practices for labeling, filling, sealing, freezing, and more to keep your milk safe and nutritious for your little one.

Label and Date:

Always label and date your milk storage bags before filling them. This helps you keep track of the milk's age and ensures you use the oldest milk first.

Fill Wisely:

Don't overfill the bags. Leave some space at the top to allow for expansion when the milk freezes.

Seal Securely:

Ensure the bags are tightly sealed to prevent leaks. Our bags have a leak-proof design, but double-checking the seal can provide extra peace of mind.

Lay Flat to Freeze:

Freeze the bags laying flat. This saves space and makes the milk thaw faster when you need it.

Thaw Safely:

When ready to use, thaw the milk in the fridge or in a bowl of warm water. Avoid using a microwave, as it can create hot spots and destroy nutrients.

Clean Thoroughly:

After use, wash the bags with warm soapy water or in the dishwasher if they are dishwasher-safe. Ensure they are completely dry before the next use.

Check for Wear:

Regularly inspect your bags for any signs of wear and replace them if necessary to maintain their integrity and safety.

Organize Efficiently:

Keep your frozen milk organized by storing the bags in a separate bin or container in the freezer.

Follow these tips so you can make the most of your Reusable Milk Storage Bags, ensuring your milk stays fresh and safe for your baby! 

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