2-pack - Replacement parts


  • The soft silicone ensures a secure and cozy fit
  • Transparent design for an easy nipple's positioning
  • Safe materials: Our flanges are BPA-free

  • What size should I choose

  • If you measure 24mm or smaller than 24mm, choose our 24mm flanges — they're compatible with all sizing inserts.

  • If you measure 24mm or higher, use the 27mm. They're compatible with 24mm sizing inserts.


Tailored Comfort for Every Mom

Every mom's needs are distinct. That's why to optimize your pumping experience you need a the correct flange size. 

It's essential to ensure that the flanges and inserts provide a proper fit for your nipples.

Breast size can change during the breastfeeding journey, so we recommend re-evaluating your nipple and flange/insert size periodically.

The perfect match